Available products...
- khukuri Rum (full, half, quarter)

-Ruslan vodka (full, half, quarter)

-Signature green (full, half, quarter)

-signature red (full, half)

-blue riband'Gin' (full, quarter)

-Royal reserve (full, half, quarter)

-Royal Treasure (full)


-old durbar two continents(full, half, quarter)

- Black chimney (full, half)

-AC black


-8848 (full, half, quarter)

-Old monk (full, half, quarter)

-Nepal ice beer

-Tuborg beer (bottle, can)

-Arna beer
-Shikhar Beer 650ml
-San Miguel beer (bottle, can)
-5000 beer
-Carlsberg beer
-Gorkha beer (bottle, can)
-Emperor whiskey
-Black Stallion (quarter, half, full)
-virgin (black label)
-golden oak (full, half, quarter)
-Black Oak (full, half, quarter)
-golden viva
-big master wine
-divine wine
-gill marry
-can juice (pineapple, mix, aelovera, chocolate, badam, xabaa, grapes)
- real juice (pineapple, litchi, mango)
- RedBull
-apple cider(somersby)
-Suger free coke


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